Secondary School

(Grade 9 to Grade 11)

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IEG Campus is a leading global education service provider that drives success for our learners and partners. We create life-changing opportunities to learn by delivering an extensive range of educational services to learners with our global network partners.

IEG Campus works with leading universities across the UK, Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. We nurture ambitious learners from diversified academic backgrounds and prepare them for success at their chosen education institution through our Study Abroad Centres, Learning Centres, and IEG Schools located globally. These outposts are fully equipped with the latest teaching and learning technologies that enable learners to succeed in their education endeavours borderless through a “Digital Lifestyle Campus “ concept.

IEG Online provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organisations to offer courses online/blended. IEG Campus’s Digital Education System is an innovative use of digital tools and technologies during the teaching and learning process which enhances the learners learning experiences.

Secondary School

The Grade 9 to Grade 11 are Canadian curriculum-based courses that are a continuation from Grade 8.

The program provides students with the ability to earn High School credits online using a combination of online video instruction, online assessments and evaluations, regular personal teacher-student support, and a range of opportunities for student interactions. The program aims to enhance the versatility of learning for the students using the most innovative and effective learning technologies and resources available while ensuring that all of the Ministry of Education Canada’s standards and policies are met entirely.

The courses is well structured by grades, and the subjects covered in Grade 9, and Grade 10 includes Mathematics, English, Science, Business, Geography, History, Civics and Career Studies. Where else in Grade 11, Advance Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Anthropology, Philosophy, Media Studies, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship subjects are taught beside English.

All courses are entirely self-contained where all lessons, exercises, activities, tests, and assignments can be found and completed Online. Students can enroll and begin at any time of year and progress through the course(s) at a pace that best suits them.

Each course includes:

  • Detailed course outline & lessons
  • Practice activities
  • Assignments and quizzes
  • Solution documents (where applicable)
  • Tools to track student achievement
  • Facilitated by a qualified and certified Canadian teacher who will mark all activities and assignments, answer course and content-related questions, provide detailed feedback, submit progress reports


  • Set your schedule and work at your own pace
  • Build your personal unique learning experience
  • Complete the course entirely online
  • Access course content 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • High-quality multimedia instruction.
  • Dynamic and concise video lessons
  • Experienced and supportive teachers
  • Feedback and assessment that is meaningful and timely
  • Maximal student interaction and engagement

A student may well advance their co-curricular activities from their elementary grades. These include but not limited to programs such as advanced level coding, robotics, art club, chess club and a literary magazine are also included to develop character, foster friendships and promote leadership and encourages students to be engaged in local communities’ services.

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