IEG School Business Opportunity

Digital Collaborative Learning License: For Schools and Learning Centre

As an IEG School partner school, you will be provided with curriculum, content, school management systems, its development and distribution from the IEG School Principle Partner Institution’s core scope of services. The terms of services rendered are solely under the consideration offer of the principal, which will be well-defined at the “Obligations and Terms of Service Schedule” of the Digital Collaborative Learning Partnership Agreement.

IEG Campus collaborates with the top schools, school systems, and content providers to engage both technology and teachers to deliver a “Digital Collaborative Learning Experience” at any geographic location.

The outcomes of “Digital Collaborative Learning” and “Education Innovation” benefit parents, teachers, program administrators, students and the fraternity of both new start-up, existing education institution and schools worldwide.

The IEG School license is flexible enough that it can be shaped to needs, service delivery that complements “Your” branded school initiatives subject to conditions and review.

Programs Available under IEG School