Canadian Education

IEG license to the Canadian curriculum system and courseware offers a landscape of “Collaborative Learning” opportunities for new start-ups or existing schools and education institutions who may envisage rapid growth. Explore this opportunity of a total school value system that fits smart school requirements very well. 

Collaborative Facilitated Learning

The IEG School Learning Management System presents a practical, accessible avenue for parents to educate their children in an affordable Private, International Kindergarten to Pre-University/Grade 12 Canadian curriculum.

IEG School takes advantage of new technologies and research-based pedagogy with our Learning Management System and presents a trending engagement that delivers a lasting and differentiated learning experience.

The IEG School Canadian Pre-University (CPU) partner institution Toronto e-School is registered and accredited with the Ontario Ministry of Education requires by law as stipulated in the Education Act assures students and parents the following:

  • Control of programs or courses of study,
  • Control of quality of instruction,
  • Evaluation of student achievement,
  • Compliance of
    • Assessment and evaluation policy
    • Procedure for reporting to parents and
    • Central office for the maintenance of student records.