Human Capital Strategist (CHCS)

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Leveraging on our robust history with over two decades in academic, corporate learning solutions and administrative technologies, we partner with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and personal development. We help organizations become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future. 

We play a lead role in assessing, developing and implementing Corporate Learning Models for many multinationals. Our expertise in Talent Management Consultancy similarly has guided many organisation to fulfil their unique business requirements. 

With our flexible developmental consulting model and full-service portfolio for Corporate Learning, our team becomes your team. From strategic planning and transformational change to competitive eLearning technologies and content development, we are your total solutions partner.

Certified Human Capital Strategist (CHCS)

The human capital development is an integral component of the business services sector which is a highly differentiated industry, comprising a range of high-value skills and services. This makes it a high value-add sector that is poised to nurture innovation and broaden the knowledge and skill base within Human Capital. The CHCS program is purposefully designed to up-skill and equip individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop the industry further. The program is suitable for all business managers and leaders. This program is made up of two parts:

  • Competent Human Capital Strategist (CHCS01)
  • Certified Human Capital Strategist (CHCS02)

Program Portfolio

In the last 2 years, this program has been evolving and is custom build around integrated business skills needed for industry practitioners to accelerate performance in their growing entities. Backed with industrial research findings by our partner University research faculty and mapped against the international industrial competency benchmarks, this program is designed to uplift the skills of routine talent to high performing ones. This program has been delivered across Asia, especially in Indonesia, UAE, Maldives, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, China, Singapore and Vietnam.

Training Program Outline

Competent Human Capital Strategist (2 Days)
Module 1Building Organisational Success Through Culture
Module 2Talent Management
AssessmentProgram Recap and Final Assessment


Certified Human Capital Strategist (2 Days)
Module 1Accelerating Organisational Performance Through Its People
Module 2Influencing and Winning Commitments
AssessmentCertification Program Recap and Final Assessment

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RED Certified Human Capital Strategist (CHCS)

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