Management Development Program

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Management Development Program

Today’s most effective executives possess a mix of hard and soft skills that allow them to manage people, products, and processes with confidence and agility. Even as technology infiltrates every aspect of our work, companies need people who can think in multiple dimensions, considering financial, operational, strategic, and human implications of business decisions. Whether you want to advance in your current industry, shift roles, or build a new business, Management Development Program can help you achieve your goals. The program is designed to be flexible, fitting into your work/life balance. It leverages IEG Campus renowned faculty and industry experts, drawing upon many of the same concepts that are taught in the first year of the MBA curriculum.

Who is it for?

Program Objectives and Relevance to Industry

The Professional Certificate in Applied Business aims to develop further the working-class professional’s knowledge, competencies and interest in the business field. It also helps the professionals to use their knowledge effectively in the area of business, commerce, management, and accounting as well as acquire sufficient preparation to continue pursuing their professional and personnel development domain and to function productively in their careers upon completion of the program.

Program Outline

People, Work and Organisations
  • Understanding behaviour in organisations
  • Individual differences Motivation and engagement
  • Workgroup dynamics
  • Power, politics and conflict
  • Designing effective organisations
  • Organisational culture
  • Organisational change
Leadership Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to leadership
  • Traditional and contingency leadership approaches
  • Modern theories of leadership
  • Post-heroic leadership
  • Leadership in contexts
  • Leadership, gender and culture
  • Leadership and ethics
  • Developing leadership
Financial Decision Making
  • The financial landscape
  • Financial accounting
  • Working capital management
  • Management accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Financial tools
  • Capital budgeting and investment appraisal
  • Financing, payout policy and management
Delivering Successful Projects
  • Projects and project management
  • The project manager
  • From strategy to project
  • Human resourcing – structuring and managing project teams
  • Risk management
  • Time management
  • Financial and cost management
  • Quarterly and performance management
  • Project closure and evaluation
Developing and Executing Strategy
  • The strategy implementation age
  • The strategic process for linking strategy to action
  • Organisational designs, processes and systems
  • Causality for aligning activities with objectives
  • Competitive advantage and strategy implementation
Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction and the importance of innovation
  • The history of innovation
  • The history of innovation The entrepreneur, an academic perspective, entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Decisions for creativity
  • Identification of opportunities for innovation
  • Networks and systems that support innovation
  • Exploring possibilities for better decisions
  • How teams develop ideas and implement innovation
  • Decisions affecting the world
Marketing in New Era
  • The marketing management process
  • The marketing implications of corporate and business strategies
  • Market opportunities
  • Consumer buying behaviour
  • Business markets and buying behaviour
  • Measuring market opportunities: forecasting and market knowledge
  • Targeting attractive market segments
  • Differentiation and brand positioning
  • Product and pricing decisions
  • Distribution channel decisions
  • Integrated promotion decisions
  • Digital marketing decisions
  • Marketing strategies for new market entries
  • Strategy for growth, mature and declining markets
  • Organising and planning for effective implementation
  • Measuring and delivering marketing performance
Business, Society and The Planet
  • The role of business in the 21st century
  • What do we mean by ethical, socially responsible and sustainable?
  • Ethics in a business context
  • Business strategy and the role of social responsibility
  • Sustainability as a business imperative
  • Identifying and measuring business success

Program Recap and Final Assessment

The assessment will be “holistic” and will offer the participants a practical opportunity to apply their knowledge gained from the Management Development Program. Successful candidate will be awarded a Completion Certificate from RED Academy.
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IEG Management Development Program

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