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Master of Data Science (MDS)

The Master of Data Science will provide students with the required knowledge and practical skills to analyse and manage data. They will learn how to deal with large and diverse data sets and apply a variety of technologies to extract meaning from them. This course will prepare students to solve complex and challenging problems in science, health, business and beyond, through a combination of engaging coursework subjects and a comprehensive capstone project experience.

The Master of Data Science is an entry-level postgraduate course that complements any existing skillset and provides an opportunity to up-skill for positions that have a rigorous quantitative aspect. Graduates from this program will be well-equipped to tackle complex data science challenges and play a leading role in the future development of data science solutions globally.

The Master of Data Science has been granted Professional Level accreditation by the Australian Computer Society and, through the Seoul Accord, is recognised in other countries.



COSC110 Introduction to Programming and the UNIX Environment

COSC210 Data Management Systems

COSC472 Management Information Systems (2019)

COSC510 Software Project Management

COSC550 Artificial Intelligence

COSC572 Management Information Systems (2020)

COSC580 Algorithms in Machine Learning

MTHS120 Calculus and Linear Algebra 1

SCI410 Introduction to Scientific

STAT100 Programming Introduction to Statistical Modelling

STAT210/410 Statistical Modelling and Experimental Design

STAT430 Statistical Learning

Complete 3 units with 2 units at 500-level from the following listed units (18pcs):

AMTH250 Introduction to Programming in The Sciences

COSC230 Data Structures and Algorithms

COSC240 Operating Systems

COSC250 Programming Paradigms

COSC260 Web Programming

COSC530 Parallel and Distributed Computing

COSC540 Computer Networks and Information Security

COSC560 Advanced Web Programming

COSC570 User Experience and Interaction Design

ECON371 Introductory Econometrics

ECON474 Econometric Analysis on Financial Markets

EM533 Spatial Analysis and Modelling

EM534 Introduction to GIS and Spatial Thinking

EM536 Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

GENE552 Genomic Analysis and Bioinformatics

HSHM543 Information and Knowledge Management in Healthcare

PA435 Precision Agriculture

STAT420 Advanced Statistical Modelling

Research / Capstone Experience

COSC591 - Information Technology Project

SCI501 - Special Topics in Science A


(a) hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification in a non-relevant discipline; or

(b) hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification in a relevant discipline*; or

(c) hold an AQF Level 8 Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma or Bachelor with Honours qualification in a relevant discipline*, or

(d) for international students, hold an AQF Level 7 Bachelor qualification from an overseas institution in a relevant discipline*, or

(e) for international students, hold an AQF Level 8 Graduate Certificate in Data Science (Intelli Education Group Pathway)

*Relevant disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Information Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics


Data science is a rapidly growing field with outstanding employment prospects for appropriately qualified professionals. Potential positions include data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, data architect, data strategist, healthcare data managers, bioinformatics analyst, computational scientist and research scientists.

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