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The Study Abroad Centre is a leader in assisting international learners to find the right overseas study option with a global network of offices across Asia & Africa. Our team of experienced and dedicated counsellors are experts at providing trusted advice to learners and their families at every step of their international education journey. We partner with Universities and Institutions across the globe to help connect learners to the courses that position them best to achieve global success.

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Study Abroad Centre

Hyderabad, India

IEG Campus Study Abroad Center
10-1-19/3/A, Hotel Golconda Hotel Lane, Masabtank, Hyderabad 5000028 India.
Call : +91 4066 1307 86
Mobile : +91 9000 4877 55 / +91 9848 8842 65

Shaanxi, China

IEG Campus Study Abroad Center
Room 1505, Block D, Phase ll, Fortune Center, High-tech 3rd Road,
Xian. Shaanxi Province. China

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