Diploma in Leadership and Management

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NVC was established in 1973, when a group of committed locals came together and organized a public meeting with the aim to create a community owned aged care charity; owned by the people, for the people. Autumn Lodge, the first NVC Nursing Home opened a few years later in 1978, following considerable hard work and fundraising by members of the local community.

NVC has continued to grow and expand with the Nambucca Valley community. Underlying NVC’s growth has been and will continue to be a fundamental commitment to the community of the Nambucca Valley and beyond.


NVC is a community owned and operated organisation with a team of passionate people committed to providing the highest level of service and care to those people that we care for in the Nambucca Valley and surrounds.

Services delivered:

  • Lifestyle Villages
  • Residential Aged Care
  • Assisted Living Services
  • Day Therapy
  • Disability Support
  • Allied Health Support
  • Nationally Certified Training

Diploma in Leadership and Management

The Diploma in Leadership and Management course is designed for learners who are looking to develop their management skills in any industry or organisational setting. This course covers important areas as a manager and a leader in an organisation such as the management, operations plans, customer service and how to manage many of the critical functions in every organisation, including teams, projects and the performance of your people. This course also covers the practice of more effective ways of managing your work-life.

NVC Diploma in Leadership and Management


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Develop and use emotional intelligence

Manage operational plan

Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

Lead and manage team effectiveness


Manage quality customer service

Undertake project work

Manage personal work priorities and professional development

Manage risk

Manage meetings

Manage workforce planning

Identify and evaluate marketing opportunities

Establish and adjust the marketing mix


  • For direct entry into Diploma/Advanced Diploma level courses, students must have completed a minimum of Year 12 schooling or equivalent or to be a mature age student (20 years of age and above) with relevant work experience;
  • Students need to demonstrate they have proficiency in English. If students cannot provide documented proof of their English language proficiency, they will be required to sit for a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN) before a place can be offered.


  • Executive Officer
  • Office Manager
  • Project Team Leader
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Team Leader
  • Business Manager
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