Python Programming

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Forthi Technologies

Forthi Technologies is one of the few software development companies in Malaysia where all software development work is undertaken wholly in Malaysia. We provide full-fledged services in the areas of web, mobile, and desktop app development. In terms of development, we especially excel in working with big data – analytics, optimization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

As a privately-owned MSC Pioneer Status company, Forthi Technologies consists of a young team of developers, who are passionate about technology and strive towards delivering quality development work. We work in several verticals, providing consultancy, software design, and development as well as professional services and consultancy to several verticals including Government, Financial Sector, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare and Education.

Python Programming

The course will cover practical topics in statistical computing which includes programming, data analysis and visualisation using Python programming language. At the end of the program, learners should be able to conduct data and text analysis required for Multiple Industries.

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand the Python programming software and an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) Jupyter/Spyder.
  2. Apply important programming language concepts such as Python Data Types & Operator, Data frames, Lists.
  3. Create various Python functions and control structures and use debugging tools for data analysis.
  4. Understand and browse through the numerous Python packages useful for data analytics such as data handling and visualisation.

Key objectives

  1. Configure programming software Python using an Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) – Jupyter/Spyder on Anaconda Navigator.
    • Introduction to Data Analytics.
    • Getting started – Install Python and Jupyter/Spyder on Anaconda Navigator.
    • Understand the Python language fundamentals including basic syntax, variables, and data types.
  2. Apply important programming language concepts such as Python Data Types & Operator, Data frames, Lists
    • Understand data types in Python.
    • Create and use control structures and functions in Python.
    • Dealing with date and time in Python.
  3. Understand and use relevant Python packages useful for data analytics.
    • Handle data loading.
    • Apply data preprocessing
    • Understand Exploratory Data Analysis – Data Visualisation.
    • Understand and apply Exploratory Data Analysis – Data Visualisation
    • Identify relevant Python packages useful for data analytics.
    • Final Assessment – Practical

Target Audience

  1. Supervisor
  2. Executives
  3. Managers

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