Machine Learning

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Forthi Technologies

Forthi Technologies is one of the few software development companies in Malaysia where all software development work is undertaken wholly in Malaysia. We provide full-fledged services in the areas of web, mobile, and desktop app development. In terms of development, we especially excel in working with big data – analytics, optimization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

As a privately-owned MSC Pioneer Status company, Forthi Technologies consists of a young team of developers, who are passionate about technology and strive towards delivering quality development work. We work in several verticals, providing consultancy, software design, and development as well as professional services and consultancy to several verticals including Government, Financial Sector, Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare and Education.

Machine Learning

The course will expose learners to machine learning techniques, extract and identify useful features that best represent the data along with machine learning algorithms and neural networks. In the end of course, learners should be equipped with theoretical underpinnings of learning and gain practical know-how needed to apply machine learning techniques to new problems.

Learning Outcome

  1. Master the techniques of survey design and analysis of results.
  2. Explore various survey methods and the understand the suitability of using each method.
  3. Learn statistical methods and techniques (e.g. sampling methods, calculation of sample size, estimation of population means) and apply knowledge into designing of survey.
  4. Practice using real-world examples and undertake reporting.

Key objectives

  1. Survey Research
    • Explain the purposes of survey research.
    • Explain each of the six steps in survey research design.
    • Differentiate between cross-sectional and longitudinal designs.
    • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different survey data collection methods.
    • Describe the 12 principles of constructing and refining a survey instrument.
    • Explain how to select a survey sample.
    • Describe how to prepare survey data for analysis.
    • Describe how sampling is used in quantitative and qualitative studies.
    • Describe the probability and non-probability types of representative sampling.
    • Describe types of sampling for non-representative samples.
  2. Quantitative Data Analysis
    • Organize raw data into appropriate formats for statistical analysis.
    • Analyse data using descriptive statistical methods.
    • Analyse data using bivariate statistical methods.
    • Analyse data relationships using multivariate techniques.
    • Analyse data using inferential statistical methods.
  3. Writing the research report
    • Apply strategies for writing effective research reports.
    • Apply strategies for writing effective research proposals.
    • Describe the various ethical and political issues that limit social research.
    • Summarize the different perspectives in doing objective and value-free research.

Target Audience

  1. Supervisor
  2. Executives
  3. Managers

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