What is MD workforce Training?

A fully incentivised training programme to encourage workforce in Malaysia to position themselves for success in the digital tech job market by acquiring digital skills that are in high demand. Learn the skills that employers in the digital technologies industry are actively seeking to elevate your employability and earning potential!


Click on the Training Provider’s Logo as above and you will be directed to their website. Choose from the available training list to register. Please await confirmation from the Training Provider before proceeding to attend the scheduled training. Your participation is contingent upon receiving official confirmation from the Training Provider.

Application for Model 1 is available to all Malaysian citizens aged 21-55 years old. Application for Model 2 is only available to MSMEs/companies that do not make contributions to HRDC. (refer here for Model 1 & 2 eligibility criteria)

The training is offered at no cost.

Each participant is eligible to apply for only one (1) training under this programme.

Upon successfully completing the training, a certificate of completion will be issued by the Training Provider.

If you register for the training but are unable to attend, kindly notify the Training Provider at least three (3) working days in advance. Neglecting to adhere to this requirement may have implications on the approval of your subsequent applications