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March, July and November

Duration: Full Time: 2.5 years

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Online / Blended  Weekend intensive delivery

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Flexible payment and scholarship.


Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK) was established on 18 December 1997 and is one of the first private universities in Malaysia. UNIRAZAK is wholly-owned by Yayasan Pelaburan Bumiputra, which also owns Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB). Since 2012, UNIRAZAK has been under the leadership and guidance of our esteemed Chancellor, YABhg. Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid.

UNIRAZAK is known for its coveted degrees which were jointly-developed in partnership with globally renowned professional bodies. This unique approach enabled its students to obtain dual publications: a degree and accreditation by professional bodies relevant to their chosen fields be they in accounting, management, taxation and Islamic banking & finance. To date, UNIRAZAK’s programme partners include CPA Australia, Chartered Management Institute of United Kingdom (CMI), Malaysian Association of Tax Accountants (MATA), Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM), Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM), Malaysian Institute of Insurance (MII) and others. Today, UNIRAZAK is firmly established as ‘Kuala Lumpur’s Premier School of Business, Government & Education’.

UNIRAZAK meets the highest standards for tertiary education and has been awarded MSC-status and SIRIM certification ISO 9001:2000. In 2017, UNIRAZAK achieved 4-star ratings for MYRA and SETARA and was bestowed the Ministry of Education’s Grand Award for ‘Entrepreneurial Private University of the Year’ in 2015.


BRSBE was formed with the view that entrepreneurial activity is one of the pillars of a strong and vibrant economy. This unique founding school is dedicated to provide quality education in entrepreneurial leadership in Malaysia. Although big business is extremely vital for economic health and prosperity, strong cadre of SMls and SMEs is also essential to ensure a diverse economy and to provide the required support to large enterprises and the community. BRSBE recognises the fact that most of wealth accumulation is by starting one’s own business, and that great products and services begin with a single idea. Many aspiring entrepreneurs lack the knowledge and skills to convert their ideas into working solutions and practical businesses. UNIRAZAK’s collaborations with its various partners grant its graduates exemptions for various professional certifications. Students are exposed to a variety of learning approaches provided by a team of well qualified and experienced academics and professionals in various areas of entrepreneurship, business and management-related fields. BRSBE is best known for being the first of its kind to be accredited by CPA Australia for Bachelor of Accounting (Honours), along with other business programs like Bachelor of Business Management (Entrepreneurship)(Honours), Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking & Finance)(Honours) and Bachelor of Taxation (Honours).

Diploma in Accounting

The Diploma in Accounting programme at UNIRAZAK provides students with the opportunity to acquire effective knowledge and skills in accounting fields. The programme is designed to provide a sound knowledge of the important principles and concepts of accounting, auditing, taxation, as well as analysis of various corporate financial statements.

Interdisciplinary aspects of accounting, management, finance, information system and communication are introduced to equip students with abilities to adopt and apply the knowledge in real-life situations to meet the demands and challenges in the growing economy.


The Diploma in Accounting courses and modules:

Faculty Core Courses:

Fundamental of IT

Business Mathematics

Introduction to Marketing

Introduction to Finance

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Business Law

Business Statistics

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Introduction to E-commerce

Introduction to Entrepreneurship



Basic Computer Skills

Program Core Courses:

Principle of Taxation


Cost Accounting

Computerized Accounting System

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting 1

Financial Accounting 2

Financial Accounting 3

Financial Accounting 4

Financial Accounting 5

MPU Courses:

Pengajian Malaysia 2 (Local)

Study Skills

Bahasa Kebangsaan A (Local)

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 (International)

Pengajian Islam

001 - ThinkingCreated with Sketch.

Pengajian Moral


University Courses:

English Remedial Workshop

Basic Public Speaking

Elective Courses ( Choose 2 courses):

Introduction to Company Law


Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Introduction to Business Ethics and Values



A pass in SPM with at least credit any 3 subjects or any equivalent qualification.

A pass in STPM with a minimum of Grade C (GP 2.00) in any subjects or any equivalent qualification.

A pass in STAM with a minimum grade of Maqbul.

A pass in SKM level 3 in related field, and a pass in SPM with minimum of 1 credit in any subject.

A pass UEC with minimum grade B in three (3) subjects.

A pass O-Level with minimum of Grad C in 3 subjects.
Any qualification equivalent to certificate (level 3, MQF).


  • IELTS Band 4.0 or
  • TOEFL (30-31) or its equivalent

**The validity period for TOFEL and IELTS is TWO (2) years from the date of the award.


Conditional offer letter will be issued to international student who has not met the English Proficiency Requirement within a period of 12 months.


  • Junior Accounts Executive
  • Assistant Payroll Supervisor
  • Assistant Financial Executive
  • Junior Audit Executive
  • Accounts Payable Executive
  • Assistant Credit Officer
  • HR and Administrative Assistant/ Executive
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